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Thread: Meguiar's M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster

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    Re: Meguiar's M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster

    Quote Originally Posted by dwaleke View Post
    Not much discussion on this product.

    I have it and only used it full strength a few times before the weather turned in the fall. So far I think this product adds a nice darkening affect to a vehicle. Gloss looks good, slickness is ok - nothing spectacular - but none of the SIO2 based products have great slickness. Self cleaning seems good. One of the cars I applied this to sat a long time in the garage collecting dust. It seems after a quick drive most of this just blew off the car and not much was left attracted to the car. Could be coincidence or could be the fact that this product does not attract dust.

    I also experienced the hazing effect. Applied full strength to a coated vehicle. The product kept hazing up after wipe off. I was surprised to see the haze coming back after 2-3 separate final wipes. In the end the result was great. Perhaps I should dilute it a bit instead of using it full strength.

    I plan on using it much more this spring/summer. How is everyone using and liking the product?

    I agree, there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about this product, on other forums or on youtube. I think the main killer for most folks is probably the price. (Though you can buy a Gallon for $65 on amazon right now) but even then, most people just don't need that much. Also it's a sting when you see D156 for half the price, or if you go to the competition and get something like Seal and Shine for $8 for 16oz.

    With that said, it's one of my favorite products especially when used as a detailing spray (that wasn't even my original goal to use it as when I first bought it.) It's pretty much the same as hybrid ceramic detailer. I found that when using full strength, I followed Markus's recommendation to spray 3-4 times on the microfiber, and then just wipe on. I had issues spraying directly on the panel with streaking. But once cured, the beading is incredible. And for how easy it's to apply, it's so satisfying just seeing water slip on it when rinsing.

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    Re: Meguiar's M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster

    I use the Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant and then do a stack with the Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax and Bead Booster. Pretty good results, held up for just about a year

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