Neglected to take care of the car. Dusty and then with some rain, water accumulates on the rear of the car, dust accumulates in the water and dries, lots of sunshine and I guess this is the result. It did not affect the rest of the car (hood, sides). What do you think I should try? I will have to do this all by hand. It was present in less severe condition in the past than this, tried to claybar but that did not do the trick. Vinegar mix first, then something like ScratchX, then call (pay) for help? It is not visible in high-noon, but visible at 3pm light with car facing west.

Forgot to mention, I do not have DA polishing machine. Rest of the car has a minor amount of microscratch over it. Which is why I mentioned should I just have a pro correct entire car because I don't want to end up buying a ton of products to test and fail in the end.