Options to replace UFF
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Thread: Options to replace UFF

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    Options to replace UFF

    My wife has a black minivan. The car was coated with a ceramic coating which lasted for approx. 1-year (consumer based). As I didn't want to go through a polish with M205 and re-coat due to time constraints as of late, I went out and purchased some UFF to quickly cover the car. I haven't used a traditional wax on my wifes black car since purchasing the car 3-years ago (I stick with those for my cars ranging from PP365 to Ultimate wax). I was shocked at the self-cleaning properties of the ceramic coating that I simply forgot about. Now the traditional pain in the butt problems of keeping a black car clean are very true after applying UFF. I plan on stripping UFF and replacing it with another option as im displeased with the " surface slickness" and "dirtiness" the car now has. What are good options that are available (I see that the new 2020 products wont be out until Q1) since im an avid Meguiars user and would like to stick with options they provide since my product line from them is extensive. I am open to waiting until the Deep Crystal Ceramic Coating is available if that is the best recommended option for self cleaning properties and paint slickness.

    wash my cars weekly with either a foam cannon and 2-bucket method and CR Spotless rinse or rinseless wash based on time. Wheels and Tire get Iron Decon or Non-Acid Wheel and Tire Cleaner (2:1) every other week

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    Re: Options to replace UFF

    Just my personal guess, M27 is the one you're going to want to wait for like I am. It's going to have the best protection, gloss, and assuming ease of use (apply it to the whole car, and remove after) though of course this all can only be confirmed when the products release in January.

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