Hello All,
I was curious to know if anyone had tried a product called Microlubrol 200 in lieu of spray on waxes? It is 100% pure silicone oil. I came across a post in which a gentlemen stated he uses a few drops per each panel as part of his regular routine. I managed a detail business for 14 years but that's been a while but I cannot see this being a good or proper method?

Do you see any issues with his routine? I can see how a pure silicone would be good at protecting the paint surface but I do not see it restoring paint luster such as a natural carnauba wax does or other spray-on waxes which have some carnauba in them. It would also seem to be detrimental when you did attempt to apply a wax because the 100% silicone would hinder penetration.

Just curious to know your thoughts.