Hi all, have been lurking in this forum for quite some time now and finally decided to ask some questions regarding my usual wash routine.

Some info: The car is pearl white and ceramic coated with CQuartz Professional PPS.

Currently during my weekly washes, I use the Ultimate Quik Wax as a drying aid, and then spray the Meguiars Deep Crystal Top Coat Maintenance Spray right after, before buffing it off with a dry towel.

I have some questions:

1) Is my wash process effective? Using Top Coat Maintenance Spray directly after using Quik Spray Wax as a drying aid? As both needs curing time from what I have read.

2) I am considering using the Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax to replace the Ultimate Quik Wax as a drying aid. Do you think it is a good decision? Is the Hybrid Ceramic Wax a more superior replacement compared the Ultimate Quik Wax?

3) Is the Top Coat maintenance Spray a good product? There seems to be little info available online regarding this product.

4) Can the Top Coat Maintenance Spray be used on any other brands of ceramic coats other than Meguair's? eg. CQuartz Professional.

5) Can I use the Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax as a drying aid all the time, instead of the suggested spray and rinse method? Is using it as a drying aid more effective?

I apologize for the bombardment of questions. These are some questions I have always thought about before deciding to create an account to ask it proper.

Thanks for your time in reading them.