Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere
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Thread: Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere

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    Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere


    With the not yet developed/released Waterless Wash Anywhere with SiO2 missing from the 2020 line, what is the best alternative for those of us not using water?

    Currently using D115 at 1 4:1 ratio.
    Looking to move to a less dust attractive top finish.

    Is there a ratio of D115 and M27 that will let the SiO2 end up on top?
    Or do I need to apply M27 after each waterless wash?

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    Re: Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere

    You could always venture to a rinseless wash that leaves nothing behind.

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    Re: Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere

    This is something that is only logical for Meguiar's to bring out given their new SI02 Ceramic products. The question is, will 2021 be the year it is introduced at SEMA

    I've just finished off my gallon of D115, Detailer Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax. I am going to keep buying the 32 oz size of Pro Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster, M799, and using it on my cars now that I have moved to using M27, Pro Hybrid Ceramic Sealant.

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