Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere
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Thread: Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere

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    Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere


    With the not yet developed/released Waterless Wash Anywhere with SiO2 missing from the 2020 line, what is the best alternative for those of us not using water?

    Currently using D115 at 1 4:1 ratio.
    Looking to move to a less dust attractive top finish.

    Is there a ratio of D115 and M27 that will let the SiO2 end up on top?
    Or do I need to apply M27 after each waterless wash?

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    Re: Waterless Wash and SiO2 Anywhere

    You could always venture to a rinseless wash that leaves nothing behind.

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