This place seems to be filled with a bunch of well informed individuals so I figured I’d join to learn as much as I can. I last maintained my vehicle’s paint properly back in 09, and find that the product options have changed. I no longer a polisher, so
Im looking to do the best that I can by hand. I’ve noticed that the sun here in Florida is brutal on paint, so any advise for this new noob will be highly appreciated.

First off, I have a pearl white Infiniti M37 to work on. Sadly I don’t have a garage here, so waterless will be my main way to care for the car. After some reading, buying stuff, then taking it back to get other stuff because I read more threads, I’ve come down to a few choices.

I’m planning to start with a wash with gold class, clay bar followed by the new 3 in 1 wax. I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen the Hybrid ceramic wax, so I figured I’d use that my main protection. I was wondering what to do, if anything, after a waterless wash though. Should I use the ultimate finish, ceramic detailer or leave it as is?

So much for a quick intro! ��