Hi everyone,

I have recently started a mobile detailing company in the Northern Virginia area and am having a hard time getting shade on cars that I am working on. I'm mostly concerned with shading cars that I am washing. (Of course if I can get shade on the cars for washing, then I will have it for the other services.

Most of my business right now is on site at corporate offices where I am providing my services to the employees of the companies. I'm working on their vehicles in the office parking lot and have plenty of space to work.

In the Summer, I can use shade from the nearby trees when washing the vehicles, but it's winter now and the trees do not provide any shade. I have tried using a pop up canopy, but the canopy shade is never under the canopy! It's always 10 or 15 feet away off to the side of the canopy! Very frustrating! Would a larger canopy be the answer? I'm currently using a 10 X 10.

Any and all help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!