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    Getting back in game

    After an 8 yr hiatus I have a serious need to get back in the game. I did the unthinkable out of laziness and took my "new to me" black tundra to a car wash and used the brush. Now I have swirls. I purused meg's online and watched a few videos. I have the old g100 da, will that still work, seems like your new products correspond to a different speed designation than my g100? My product is so old in thinking new liquids and pads. Hoping for recommendations. I had m83, 21, and maybe 07, most have congealed or separated.
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    Re: Getting back in game

    That G100 is a great tool. I have on my shelf some of the latest and greatest polishers available, and I still reach for my 7424 first.

    You could look into the Ultimate line for abrasives. Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish are great products for getting paint back in shape. The new Liquid Ceramic Wax, or Ultimate Liquid Wax are both synthetics. I have yet to use the ceramic wax, but Ultimate Wax is not too different than M21. I actually prefer M21 though.

    Or you could get some new M83, and M21! Still great products. When I use M83 it usually finishes so well I don't need to follow with a finer polish, and can go straight to protection.

    You might want to look into getting a 5" backing plate for the G100, and some 5.5" pads if you don't already have them. They make a big difference, especially on that tool. You get less vibration, and much better pad rotation. I will still tend to use the 6" Ser up for bigger areas, but the 6" counterweight is an absolute must, otherwise the vibrations make for a very uncomfortable polishing experience.

    For pads these days I use:
    Buff and Shine Uro-fiber microfiber pads to do heavy cutting.
    Buff and Shine yellow Uro-Tech for medium, and fine polishing.
    Buff and Shine white Uro-Tech for sealant application.

    My usually liquids:
    M100 for cutting
    M205 for polishing
    M21 for protecting.

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    Re: Getting back in game

    You can go to your local auto parts store and pick up ultimate compound, ultimate polish or M205 and your choice of protection.

    The other recommendations is investing in M110, M205 possibly M210 or all three and again your choice of protection.

    For pads, the meguiar's foam pads are great.

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    Re: Getting back in game

    I would agree regarding pads. Switching to smaller pads & backing plate will transform the feel of your tool. Our Soft Buff D/A Backing Plate & Soft Buff D/A Foam Discs we would recommend which would fit on your tool would be as follows:

    DBP5 Soft Buff D/A Backing Plate
    DFC5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Cutting Disc
    DFP5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Polishing Disc
    DFF5 Soft Buff D/A Foam Finishing Disc

    I would also check out this article for some additional information:

    D/A Polisher Basics with Meguiar's MT300

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