reday for first time - i think,,,buuut have some questions.....
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Thread: reday for first time - i think,,,buuut have some questions.....

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    reday for first time - i think,,,buuut have some questions.....


    about to do my first detailing...watched the vids; just gotta get over the fear of i'm gonna make it worse/burn down to bare metal
    have a 2014 ultimate black metallic jag f-type;
    have the Megs da;
    after wash and clay bar, UC will be used - looks like 1st owner of car used self-wash brush... why????
    UC with the black pad;
    then Ultimate polish on yellow pad;
    then Show Car Glaze #7 - here's the question: black pad or apply and remove by hand??
    then which wax: NXT? Ultimate Liquid wax? Carnauba? High Tech yellow? and also, apply by hand or da - and ?black pad?

    anything i missed?

    thank you for any input/reccs;

    will try to post the before/after picts;
    The beatings shall continue until the morale improves...

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    Re: reday for first time - i think,,,buuut have some questions.....

    Consider using UC on a Maroon cutting pad for more efficient defect removal. You could also try it with a yellow polishing pad.

    UP is great with the Yellow pad.

    UP will also negate the need to use M07, as it has it's own load of polishing oils.

    Wax is subjective. Where we're located, with the salt and snow, consider a polymer product like NXT, Ultimate Liquid Wax, or dive into the new ceramic products.

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