I just picked up a 2008 Escalade in great shape, but the interior is filthy - everywhere. Not damaged or trashed, just really really dirty. I can handle seats and door panels and spots on carpets, but I'm going to have to do all the carpet, the headliner and visors. I'm wondering what tool will work best. A steam cleaner https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wagner-91...eaner/20932209 , a shampooer https://www.walmart.com/ip/BISSELL-S...513W/571457640 , or a compressed air cleaning gun https://adamspolishes.com/products/a...SABEgLHDPD_BwE

Any thoughts are appreciated.

(I know you're wondering why a Cadillac would be so dirty. The original owner had a contracting business and he shuttled his workers around in it. It's a surprise he took such good care of the exterior)