M61 Flagship and Porsche Black
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    M61 Flagship and Porsche Black

    Not sure where this belongs so ill put it here. It started by finding a 32oz bottle on clearance for $7. Doing some searching on the product came across this thread. https://meguiarsonline.com/forums/sh...ip-Cleaner-Wax
    Now if D151 has the same cut on fiberglass as M61 should the inverse also hold true? Always read to never use a boat product with cutting/correcting abilities on automotive finishes, gelcoat isnt paint, much harsher abrasives, etc. Could M61 be D151's more durable sister?
    Had access to an absolutely hammered 05 Cayenne in black that had been run through a gas station carwash after sitting collecting dust and dirt for 3 months in the desert. The car had clear coat failure on the roof and heavy oxidation and dimpling in multiple spots from years of poor paint care, on top of the severe carwash damage. Wasnt willing to go beyond a one step on it and was originally going to hit it with M66 and call it a day. Time to have some fun.

    Back of the bottle includes painted surfaces, use in direct sunlight, and use with a DA. Holy sideways batman!

    Washed with Megs Wash Plus(still sad its disco'd), clayed with megs white clay, then hit it with the M61. Didnt get great pictures and finished after dark unfortunately. My GG6 was down so I used a pc7424. Found the winning combo to be a griots boss 5" black pad and speed 4.5 on the DA. Found M61 to be easy to work with, with good work time. Some dusting but no more than to be expected, and incredibly easy wipe off.


    After, apologies for terrible pictures.

    Overall Im impressed. For an AIO it hit a majority of the defects on a mild pad, was low effort to work with, and brought back a lot of gloss that wasnt there before. If given more time would have liked to play around with more pads. Megs 5" xtra cut microfiber produced great defect removal but the roundness of the car and the thin pad made it difficult to get a consistent finish in a 2x2 test area. With the car so bubble shaped and round, foam pads seemed the best choice. Even with a mild pad it produced better than expected results. Will be interesting to see the longevity of the wax in the weeks/month(s) to come.

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    Re: M61 Flagship and Porsche Black

    Nice work. Thanks for sharing. In case you are wondering, our D166 Ultra Polishing Wax & "3 in 1 Wax" our Meguiar's most premium & latest cleaner waxes we offer at this time.
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