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    Ceramic Wax

    Hi, I have just bought Meguiars Ceramix Wax to put on my new car - I have read the instructions and seen videos etc and that is all clear and simple. My question is once I put it on properly then for maintenance it is simply stated to spray and rinse - which is fine. How often should one do that ( the spray and rinse ) and also for how long with the maintenance method work. I guess what I am asking is at some point do I have to reapply like the first time and then carry on with the maintenance cycle.

    Please advise


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    Re: Ceramic Wax

    My humble opinion would be to use the "spray and rinse" each month. I don't think you do any damage if you decide one day to go back to the initial "spray and wipe" method. It'll just take longer. Lol.

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