Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax
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Thread: Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

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    Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

    Afternoon All

    I used Deep Crystal Carnuaba today for the first time for possibly a couple of years.

    I had forgotten how seriously good this wax is. I had now choice but to wash and wax in direct sun and still so easy on and off with amazing gloss. I have been using a few ceramic infused waxes and spray coatings recently but none have given such depth of gloss.

    Ok it's and old product but try it again guys and gals you will be impressed..

    Stay safe all.


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    Re: Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

    It's a great entry level wax. I just wish that it lasted a bit longer though. Glad you like it!

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    Re: Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

    Sandro from Car Craft really liked that wax.

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    Re: Deep Crystal Carnuaba Wax

    I'm with ya. Yes, I have plenty of other waxes in my arsenal, but I always have a bottle of deep crystal on hand. Besides being an excellent teaching wax (friends, neighbors, teenagers, etc are always coming over to my garage asking me how I do my stuff) it really does do a great job for the price, especially on red vehicles. Could it last longer? Sure! But the stuff is so inexpensive, you can't be using more than two dollars worth of product and you get consistent results and protection. I used it on my wife's Civic a month or so ago. Always consistent.

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