Hi everyone,

I run a mobile detailing company and fill up a 50gal. water tank at my home before heading out to clients. I am on well water and would like to get your thoughts/opinions/experience using a water de-ionizer filter system to eliminate water spots. I will be using this water for both washing and rinsing.

I'm not worried about how fancy or simple the filtration system is as long as it eliminates water spots. I have seen people use in-line RV filters, professional mobile detailing filter setups, aquatic filters, homemade filters, etc. I'm just trying to be smart about this purchase so I don't waste money and so I get something that works and is cost effective for a small business.

My home has a whole house water filter installed before any water comes out of any faucet including the outside hose spigot. I'm thinking of putting a water de-ionizer filter system between the spigot and the hose that I fill my water tank up with. This would eliminate the need for me to take the filter system with me on the road and I'm hoping will eliminate the need for me to spend a ton of money on a mobile filter system.

I'm trying to find a system that works great, is not very expensive, and that does not cost a fortune to replace the filter(s) on. I will be using this system a lot, so I need a system that can handle filtering a lot of water without me needing to replace filters all the time at a high price. (Did that make sense)? lol

Please share your experience with different setups that you use or have used that have eliminated water spots and would be a good solution for daily, high-volume use.

Thanks everyone!