product to deepen single stage red paint?
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Thread: product to deepen single stage red paint?

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    product to deepen single stage red paint?

    I have a Porsche 944 in Guards Red. The rear fenders had been repainted, and that paint (which is clear coated) is very slightly deeper red (less orange) than the rest of the car which still has its original single stage paint. In certain light the difference is noticeable.
    Is there a product I can use on the original single stage paint that will deepen the Guards Red? I have done the typical claybar, polish & sealant approach... the paint looks great but doesn't necessarily help the mismatch.
    Thanks in advance...

    (I should add that my normal products are: claybar + Meguiars Ultimate Polish + Menzerna/Jescar Power Lock+)
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    Re: product to deepen single stage red paint?

    Well, you could use something like the #7 Show Car Glaz, which is pure oils, before waxing. That might be the best you can do after the Ult. Polish and see if it gets richer.

    But if they are different colors, they will look better but still different.
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