Hey guys.

So metal flake from a spray paint got onto my car and I can't get it off. It seems to almost be embedded into the clear coat.


Story: I was spray painting and the wind carried this stuff and it's all over my car now. I have a black 2001 Mustang GT. The flakes inside the paint are now stuck on my car and won't come off and it looks horrible. I own and have tried the following.

Meguiar's G110V2

Cleaned car with foam cannon and wax stripper soap
Clay bared the car
Meguiar's Yellow Foam Polishing Disk
Meguiar's Ultimate Compound

I tried 3 seperate times in a small area to get the flakes out of my paint and they are still there. I first did 4 passes on a small area (2 passes up and down while overlapping, 2 passes side to side) at speed 4. Then bumped it up to 5 and did the same thing. Metal flakes are still in the paint and will not come out. It's almost like they are embedded into there. I'm at a loss on what to do. I even tried Iron Remover in hopes that it'd react to the metal and no dice.

Any tips on what to do? Do I need a more aggressive pad with more aggressive compound to get this done? I'd greatly appreciate any and all help. The flakes seem to be embedded in the clear coat so I don't think any type of paint thinner will work.
When I run my hand over the paint where the embedded flakes are it's super smooth.