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Thread: Drying in the sun - Newbie

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    Drying in the sun - Newbie

    Hi every one,

    Newbie here, no experience with cleaning cars at all however given the extra time I have thought I would give it a try instead of taking to the hand car wash I usually go to.

    I recently made the mistake of washing and drying in the sun. I obviously had the same problem that is reported everywhere - the wash went well, rinsed it down and then had about 3 seconds to dry the car before it dried it self (was hot to the touch). Even as I was drying the roof I could see it drying itself and leaving water spots.

    I then did a little bit of research on YouTube of people who wash and dry in the heat and they all seem to use some sort of dry aid. So they wash, rinse, spray on dry aid, rinse again (and you see the beading etc) and then dry meaning there is a longer time available to dry before water spots.

    I then read that quik detailer etc can be used as a rinse aid so I have ordered some which is coming later today.

    My question is this : when using quick detailer as a dry aid - do I do wash, rinse, apply quik detailer, rinse again, dry? Or do I missed out the rinse again phase and go straight from apply quick detailer to dry (as in apply and dry at the same time), so no need for the rinse again stage?

    Thanks - this forum is so helpful.


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    Re: Drying in the sun - Newbie

    Usually I wash, rinse and then while the car is still wet, I quickly spray each panel (especially the ones that are in the sunlight) with the quik detailer (red bottle). I spray a bit on the drying towel as well. Then I quickly but gently go over all the surfaces, spreading the product and flip the towel to dry. Finally, I follow up with ultimate quik wax. The quik detailer creates some lubrication so that the towel glides across the surface to minimize scratching. I don't see any need to rinse again because you'd be right back to where you were before spraying the quik detailer.

    The guys who said that they spray the product and rinse after are likely talking about the Si02 product, ie; ceramic sprays, but I could be wrong. That's the only time I've heard of using that method.

    Good luck and have fun!

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