Hi everyone,

I am working on expanding my car washing/detailing gig and wanted to know how much I should charge for the following. I researched some shops in my area to get an idea but can't seem to find any services that are similar or identical to what I'm going to do. A lot of the places will include some of the things I listed, but not all of them.

This will take place at the customer's house and I will be using their water and electricity. I don't want to over or under charge for the job. I quoted them $40. I'm planning on this taking around 2 hours, but no more than 3 hours worst case scenario. Does this sound like a fair price? Should I charge more or less?

Services I will perform:

Hand wash body, wheels and tires and hand dry.

Wipe out door jambs.

Spray wax body of car only (not applied to wheels)

Tire dressing

Clean glass inside and out with the top edges of glass

Interior wipedown