First Time Fixing DEEP Scratches and Rust
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Thread: First Time Fixing DEEP Scratches and Rust

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    First Time Fixing DEEP Scratches and Rust

    Hi Guys,

    I'm brand new to the forum and I figured I'd ask for some advice from you guys on fixing deep scratches, rust and some kind of paint chipping stuff going on. I've been doing a ton of research and gathering all the tools recommended to get the job done right.

    #1 The first scratch here is down the the primer and into bare metal in some spots. My question here is should I use bondo gold body filler or glazing putty because while the scratch is deep, it isn't very wide. I'm also curious if I should sand before applying filler or not. If so, what progression of sand paper would you recommend?

    #2 I'm not sure how this happened to the hood, maybe too little clear coat from the factory? There are a few areas like this that I assume you want to use body filler, sand, glazing putty, filler/primer, paint, cut, polish, finish right?

    #3 This is a rust spot that I noticed where I'm guessing a rock jumped up and caused a chip which eventually rusted. Unfortunately, it's right on the lip above the windshield and will be a challenge to sand and finish. Any advice on this one?

    I bought the Milwaukee cordless rotary polisher, 3M pefect it compounds, microfiber towels, bondo gold filler, glazing putty, wool pads, 3M pads, proper car code spray paint etc. I still haven't bought any sandpaper yet as I keep hearing different thoughts on the progression I should do for my case. Any suggestions on the best way to fix these would be greatly appreciated as I'm totally new to this but love to fix things myself and save some $$ even if I have to spend some on tools.

    Not sure why you can't seem to add photos from the computer. Looks like it has to be a URL, that's kind of dumb.

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    Re: First Time Fixing DEEP Scratches and Rust

    Welcome NewFinishgDude to Meguiars Online Forums.

    The reference to your images shows a folder on your C: drive. Yep. yep, you do not want us to have access to that and your banking software.

    This article by RoushStage2 will help you upload images from your PC to your Gallery on the Meguiars Online Forums servers.
    It also will show you how to add images to your posts.

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    Re: First Time Fixing DEEP Scratches and Rust

    I'm fixing some long key scratches on a WRX I just bought. If you keep in mind that you won't make them disappear, just less noticeable, you will be ok. Using touch-up paint, fill in the scratches. May take more than 3 coats. Let cure 12-24 hours. Wet sand with 2000 paper in a foam block to level and smooth the touch-up paint. Compound and polish with the product of choice.

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