Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?
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Thread: Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?

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    Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?

    Hey, new guy here needing some info. I have never had a vehicle where the details of detailing really mattered, but I now own a 2019 Magma Red (Root Beer) F150 that I want to keep as nice as possible. I currently have it waxed with Collinite 476s due to the longevity of this wax I experienced on my 2013 F150. I am also planning on giving it a coat of the Hybrid Ceramic spray on to make it more hydrophobic. I live in AZ where it is hot and we have monsoon season where afternoon downpours are quite common. There is always all kinds of dirt and spots on a vehicle after a rainstorm due to the dirt in the air being trapped in the raindrops. My question is how should I clean this up after a rain storm? Can I use a detailer spray and wipe it down or does it require washing to prevent scratches? I wish I had a place to park under while at work, but I do not but at home, the truck is garage kept. Thank you

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    Re: Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?

    You could look into a rinseless wash or waterless and see if that would fit into your regiment.

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    Re: Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?

    Here's my experience with it - and feel free to ignore it; you won't hurt my feelings.

    IF A CAR IS PREPPED CORRECTLY (meaning it has been clayed, does not have a bunch of contaminants on the surface, and has recently had a fresh coat of wax on it), then you shouldn't necessarily need to wash it and can get away with a spray detailer to help lift contaminants.

    If, however, your car feels gritty after that rainstorm? Wash it. Don't try to use the detailer instead of washing it. And if it feels gritty after the wash, you'll want to do a clay bar detailing to clean the paint surface, then put a good wax on it. As for what to put on, this is where I kind of have to fall back a bit. I have used the NXT Tech Wax or the Gold Class wax for years, and loved both; each was a little different in its application and buffing/removal. There have been a few new products that have shown up from Meguiar's in recent years, though. I've recently found and tried the spray Ceramic Wax on my wife's Fiat 500X, and unfortunately didn't have it work as well as I'd hoped - I think, though, that was more to the point of the paint not being prepped well, as I know the car had contaminants on it, and we just ran it through a do it yourself car wash.

    Waterless wash/rinse might be a good option to try, as has been suggested, but having the surface prepped properly first will certainly make it easier to clean and easier to maintain/clean from those rains.

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    Re: Cleanup and care after a rainstorm - wash or detailer?

    Our Spray Detailers/Quik Detailers are for light dust & light contaminants. Any level beyond that should be addressed with a traditional wash or alternative to a traditional was like our Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax, like others have mentioned.
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