Remove just enough wax to stick side molding?
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Thread: Remove just enough wax to stick side molding?

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    Remove just enough wax to stick side molding?

    I am going to stick side molding onto my car (2020 Subaru Forester).
    The instructions say not to stick the molding to wax.
    So I need to remove wax in a band two inches wide along the car's side.
    I want to avoid removing wax outside the band, and of course I need to avoid damaging the paint.

    Should I daub a liquid remover on the wax, perhaps between a pair of masking-tape strips?
    Should I use a clay bar?
    Should I ignore the instructions and stick the molding to the wax?

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    Re: Remove just enough wax to stick side molding?

    Some QD or soap to remove dirt, and then a wipe with some glass cleaner is usually pretty good.
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    Re: Remove just enough wax to stick side molding?

    I personally would clay the area, wipe dry, then use Isopropyl alcohol to clean off any remaining residue.

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