Ceramic Wax for New Car?
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Thread: Ceramic Wax for New Car?

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    Question Ceramic Wax for New Car?

    Thanks, Old Bear, for letting me know about my error post

    I bought a new car last week: mythos black metallic.
    It is garaged kept. I have not driven it yet until I add
    protection for the paint. I live in a hot state and want to
    avoid bug/insect damage to the paint from highway travel.
    The car has not been washed since leaving the dealer. I had
    planned to quick detail with Meguiars spray or hand wash with
    Meguiars Wash and Wax and then add Meguiars Ceramic Wax
    spray to protect the paint.
    I am asking for opinions: is my plan a good one to keep
    the paint as clean as possible and protect the surface and shine?
    Would you suggest other products I might consider? Finally,
    is there a spray on wheel and tire cleaner that works well?
    I appreciate your help!

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    Re: Ceramic Wax for New Car?

    Well, you'll want to do a little inspecting of the paint surface. Most cars from a dealer arent that clean, and could at least use some claying, and a clean/polish.

    Then can pick which of the ceramic products you were going to use, and how it is applied properly.

    Generally I would say to use something like the Gold Class soap, because you will probably find yourself using the Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax, or Spray Detailer, etc after washing. So the wax part of the Wash and Wax isnt really wanted.
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    Re: Ceramic Wax for New Car?

    Quote Originally Posted by AudiFlyGuy View Post
    is there a spray on wheel and tire cleaner that works well?
    I appreciate your help!
    Since your starting with a new wheel and tire, keep it clean! Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner should do the trick. Use something like the Ceramic Spray Wax on the wheel itself so it sheds water/dirt more easily. If it's an open wheel, not a hubcap, you can reach inside the barrel and keep that cleaned and waxed too.

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