Hello, everybody.

My next weekend Detail.

Volkswagen Passat B3, the color is Maritimblau

Vonroc DA Polisher 21 mm with 6" and 3" Backing Plate

Meguiars DFC6 and DFC3
Meguiars Ultimate Compaund

Meguiars DFP6
Meguiars Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

Last Step Product:
Meguiars Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

I decided to visit my old friend and at the same time try to work with the old paintwork.
His old Volkswagen 1991 of release directly asked for cosmetic procedures to increase the shine.
The condition of the paint for almost 20 years was not at its best: deep scratches, chips, dull paint on the repainted fender, faded plastic.
I recently received a Meguiars Mirror Bright Detailing Kit ordered from England and was eager to try it.
We washed the car, removed the tar, cleaned it with clay and started polishing.

First, I tried Polishing wax on DFP6, but it seemed not enough to me, since the scratches were quite deep and there were an incredible amount of them, so I switched to UC on DFC6
I was afraid to use something more aggressive, since the coating is quite old and it could also show more defects.
UC removed oxidetion and some small scratches well, but unfortunately, most of the deep scratches remained, but since the task was not to do it perfectly, but only to give shine and brightness, we decided to stop there.

Initially, I wanted to do three steps, but after a few hours of work, we decided to go through the Polishing wax and finish there.
We applied Meguiars Ultimate Black Plastic restorer to the outer plastic and mirrors, and the car incredibly transformed.

When we finished, my friend could not believe his eyes, he never seen his car so bright and with a deep shine.
He really liked the result and was interested in how to keep the car in such a condition, so I think we have another Car Crazy guy.

Since I am not a professional, I would be grateful for advice, criticism and recommendations.
Thanks to this forum and your advice, I learn faster and achieve better results.

Thanks to all and have a great weekend.