Headlight + Ultimate Polish + hand = swirls, need help
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Thread: Headlight + Ultimate Polish + hand = swirls, need help

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    Headlight + Ultimate Polish + hand = swirls, need help

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem on a nearly new car. I had some little scratch and wanted to polish it (later it turned out that it was not a scratch, but inside LED light reflection...). Prepared myself and did work in below steps:
    1. Clean car with water only.
    2. Applied 2 buckets method with Gyeon woolen glove.
    3. Clayed that headlight using the softest clay (ValetPRO orange clay).
    4. Bought Meguiar's Soft Foam applicator pad, Meguiar's Super Shine MF and Meguiar's Ultimate Polish.
    5. Performed polishing by hand using Soft Foam pad.
    6. Firstly, did it using light pressure and round moves. After 2 or 3 iterations the only thing which changed was... swirls which I created and which were not present at the beginning!
    7. Then I tried to solve it. I saw that my little pressure didn't do anything good so I thought that I need rather hard pressure so I did. I think that it only went worse and now there are really many swirls. Please see photo attached: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img924/6991/O6Wtnr.jpg

    Can you help me? What went wrong? Please remember that I didn't want to take away UV coating, that is why I went for mild polish/cleaner Meg Ultimate Polish.


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    Re: Headlight + Ultimate Polish + hand = swirls, need help

    Either try polish made specifically for headlights or apply a headlight coating.

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    Re: Headlight + Ultimate Polish + hand = swirls, need help

    How much product are you putting on the pad?

    How many passes are you doing?

    How hard are you wiping off residue?

    Have your towels been washed? Where the Supreme Shine towels are sold here, they come in a big box with packaging that leaves them susceptible to dirt or grit from storage.

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