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Yes, that's the one.

It's got some cut, probably between the yellow and black Meguiar's discs. You might also like the red hex (similar to the black) which has no cut. Regardless, of how light the pad is, there is a light mechanical abrasive cut in the Ultimate Polish whose strength depends on how you use it. Low speeds, moderate pressure, light product application, and you're probably up for some serious gloss.

I use Ultimate Polish with the green pad (and higher speed, moderate pressure) in many one step polishing situations. While I get surprising defect removal, the trade off is a little gloss. When polishing for gloss I'm typically using the blue, or the yellow Buff and Shine Uro-Tech.

Lake Country are also very nice. Their black would be excellent.

I think i have decided on the LC SDO range as it is similar to the megs in terms of a 3 pad range. They are also easy to come by here is Aus and at a good price. Have you got any experience with these in terms of how they compare to megs? I am assuming they are almost identical - Blue=burgandy, Orange = yellow and black = black? I will then need to buy some kind of waxing pad.