Ultimate All wheel cleaner on paint.
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Thread: Ultimate All wheel cleaner on paint.

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    Ultimate All wheel cleaner on paint.

    Can I use Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner to remove iron from the paint ?

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    Re: Ultimate All wheel cleaner on paint.

    Quote Originally Posted by RBorders View Post
    Can I use Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner to remove iron from the paint ?
    We did not design & test it for that use but yes, technically it is safe, provided you follow the directions, however, the product is a thick gel formula designed specifically for wheels, it is not going to be a good user experience for use on wide spray areas like painted panels.

    We would recommend our PRO Detailer RTU Iron Removing Spray Clay. At the moment this product is only available from Auto Parts Stores. If you wanted to go big size, we also have our D1801 PRO Detailer Wheel & Paint IRON DECON. This product is primarily sold through large, warehouse style channels of Pro Distribution for Car Washes, Dealerships, Body Shops, Reconditioning Facilities, Etc., but can also be purchased online & locally if you can find it.

    Meguiar's Detailer RTU - Iron Removing Spray "Clay"

    Meguiar's D1801 Professional Wheel & Paint IRON DECON

    Hope this information was helpful & feel free to post further questions.
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