Various Megs Waxes & Sealants. Should I invest in more??????
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Thread: Various Megs Waxes & Sealants. Should I invest in more??????

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    Various Megs Waxes & Sealants. Should I invest in more??????

    Hi all,

    Just had a good sort out of my Megs waxes & sealants.

    Dc03 x 2
    Cleaner Wax old x 1
    Cleaner Wax new x 2
    Nxt 2.0 x1
    GC Plus x1
    Ultimate Wax x1
    Fast Finish x4

    What is your favourite & why?

    Looking at the new Hybrid/ Ceramic, but guess I will start using FF a bit more first :-)

    Help or suggestions guys please :-)

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    Re: Various Megs Waxes & Sealants. Should I invest in more??????

    My favorite is still M21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0.

    It holds up to a Michigan winter season, and actually seals in the finish.

    I used it against another brand of sealant I use on occasion (but not as much after this experiment).

    It was on one of my cymbals whose protective polyurethane coating had worn off in spots. The spots treated with M21 did not oxidize, but the spots treated with the longer lasting product did.

    Just goes to show that even though something can hear for a long time doesn't necessarily mean it's protecting.

    M21 is dependable protection.

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    Re: Various Megs Waxes & Sealants. Should I invest in more??????

    Any of our Hybrid Ceramic Products, Hybrid Ceramic Detailer, Hybrid Ceramic Wax Spray, Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax, M27 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Sealant, M799 PRO Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster, all deliver much higher performing water beading characteristics, like more beading, higher contact angle (more sphere like), have very impressive levels of "self cleaning' ability, meaning, the vehicle stays cleaner for longer, additionally the vehicle will get cleaning easier upon washing, and drying is easier. Quite a lot of benefits. If you didn't want to use one of the dedicated liquids, you could always just use up what you have & top with one of the sprays.
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