Hello! I bought a brand new 2020 Nissan Altima which I love. The color is sunset drift and beautiful. I was driving home on the highway the other day and heard a noise and sure enough there is a stone chip that skimmed my hood. I had the mobile touch up guy from the dealer touch it up but I was not happy with the color so I took it to a body shop that said they would wet sand it, fill it in, clear it and then polish it to blend it in. When I picked it up the guy said that they messed with the color and got it to lighted up a little bit but it is still noticeable when in certain angle or light. Because I am a headcase, I then took it to another body shop and showed him and he said the only way to fix it completely was to respray which he doesn't recommend and I don't want to do that because that is overkill. I guess my question is, will a touchup spot always be a different color. Is there anyway to make this lighter or should I just overlook it and move on? Its probably only noticeable to me because I know it is there.

I'm just upset as I don't even have 3000 miles on the car yet I have never had an issue like this before. I have touched up other cars I owned but I thought the body shop could have made it practically unnoticeable but maybe I am just being unrealistic.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.