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Thread: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

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    Re: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

    Quote Originally Posted by Czilla9000 View Post
    Hi - If you’re planning on polishing or compounding after washing would you skip the boost and just use the wash? (And then use the boost with subsequent washes.)
    Yes that perfectly adequate, in the situation where this is the only was you have, sure.
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    Re: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

    It can be good just to have a bottle of basic wash on the shelf, and cheaper...
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    Re: Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

    Hello all,

    Here is the review I'd like to share about this new car wash having used it for the last 3 months or so (2015, Porsche Macan, Agate Gray). It is the best "car dryer" I have ever used and I've been DIY detailing cars since 1975. Serious! Folks already know about the insane water beading that occurs using this product and I would add that it keeps getting better the more you use it. I really started noticing a difference when drying my car after the 4th or 5th car wash (and yes, I follow the instructions to a tee; proper amounts, no agitating, Meguiars wash mitt, repeat). I am a firm believer in blowing my car dry and am currently using a Toro PowerJet F700. The difference I started noticing was how the water left the car panels so quickly and completely that there is barely any need to wipe with a drying towel. Sure, I was still using one (thick, fluffy, large microfiber) but it was for final wipes only. There was no water left on the surfaces after the blow-down. It really is quite amazing to me since I've never, ever, experienced this in all these years of DIY detailing. From shammy, to squeegee, to super-absorbent towel, and water-magnet microfiber. And now, it's the car wash process that is helping me dry my car so quickly and easily.
    Please give us advanced notice if you decide to discontinue this product. The wife will be asking what are all those orange jugs down in her basement for. ;-)


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