Deal with last few
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Thread: Deal with last few

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    Deal with last few

    I have gone through all the steps prepping my car, wash, decon, clay, 105, 205 (Cutting and Polish Micro pads) and yet the paint is not perfect. I have put some serious hours into this project and am looking for nothing less than perfection!
    I've done two complete passes on many of the panels with the 105.. looking for advice on how to return to the remaining imperfections and clean them up. Has to be a way of achieving this without wet sanding?

    I have one other questionable spot on the hood of the car. The color of the car is 2016 GM's Obsession Red, before I started this project there is an orange spot in the hood. You have to look for it, yet it's there. Thinking it is a love spot or heat?

    A well cared for clear coat should last an easier 10 years?


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    Re: Deal with last few

    switch from 105 to m100. its wicked awesome with a rotary and twisted wool pad.
    i havent touched my m105 since i was introduced to m100

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