New to detailing have some questions
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Thread: New to detailing have some questions

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    New to detailing have some questions

    New to detailing my daily Driver car 2020 Honda Fit.Been washing my car using polymer wash & wax but not sure if this is the best wash to use for my car. A question I have is the form cannon worth it? been watching videos suggesting get Meguiars ultimate car snow form cannon to use for a prewash it. Would I need a pressure washer to use the form cannon if so what kind would you suggestion should get? So after I wash my car what kind of wax would Suggest that should use to protect my car also what kind of other Products should use for cleaning wheels, rims, and the Interior of the car?

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    Re: New to detailing have some questions

    Most Meguiar's shampoos are great maintenance and really just comes down to what you want out of it. Gold class shampoo works great in bucket or snow foam. You really don't need a pressure washer on a maintained car unless it's covered in road salt or grime.
    As for wax it depends on what your looking for in it, if you want deep wet like gloss Gold Class is the best in that category and lasts a decent amount of time. Ultimate offers very slightly less gloss but offers better overall protection. And the Hybrid Ceramic isn't a wet look, but offers a glass like shine and the most durable protection. Depending on your local environment will dictate what kind of protection you need.
    As with all waxes make sure to properly prep and decon the car at least once a year or ideally 3-4times a year

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