Long story short, I have a ton of detailing gear in a house that my ex will not leave and COVID is not helping that. That said my main tool was the Porter Cable 7424XP which I was already looking to upgrade from at that time.

My son just bought his first car and it needs a detail. It probably was painted in the last 3-5 years. No major blemishes I see but just a bit dull.

I have Meg's Ultimate Compound since a neighbor had some foggy headlights and I fixed them for them.

I tend to like Meg's products since the late 80's when I got my first car.

I have a ton of Amazon micro fiber clothes. I have my Stoner's invisible glass.

Paying people to polish cars though has gotten pricey. The kid is 18 and I can show him how to work a buffer.

What's the best bang for buck to pick up some clay, pads, a polisher, products, some wash mitts/bucket inserts, car wash soap, anything else I may need? I am dealing with living in an apartment now with my own garage and a shared water supply to the garage units.

This is what I had: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bai5qb3ia...3rzIwqFUa?dl=0