Reading internet forums, and videos on youtube, I have come across a detail that I want to mention. Much is said about Chinese copies, clones of Rupes, Flex, etc. And things are mentioned like: I prefer to go with the creator of the technology (big foot for example). I choose to support those who implement innovation, and on the other hand there are those who support savings and cost control.
Well, I started to think of an analogy that has to do with: Mercedes Benz.
They brought the world to the automobile, of course, that first. But wait, there's more, read this list.
Mercedes Benz invented the electric car, the radiator, the direct injection, the crash tests (They did it before it was mandatory to do them), they invented the abs, the airbag, the super charger, the all-wheel drive, the independent suspension, in short. , the list is very very long and continues to this day. And I don't see people criticizing Audi for using all-wheel drive, or the wonderful Challenger for using a super charger.
And I start to think, is it criticized to go for savings when buying a cheap Chinese polisher with 21 mm of orbit? Is it criticized to go with expensive Rupes, because they created the big foot ?. Is it criticizable to go for a forced rotation SPTA? Is it criticizable to go for a Flex?

I would love to read opinions. Moderator, feel free to move this elsewhere if you think so, my respects to Meguiars.

Greetings from Chile.