help detailing white truck
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Thread: help detailing white truck

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    help detailing white truck

    all my neighbours noticed me constantly outside detailing my vehicles,
    and one of them asked me for wash and wax on his white truck with that who knows if its chrome
    chrome panelling. I told
    him ill have to take a peek at it first cause it will
    almost certainly need a decon/polish. Hes quite the picky guy and ill likely be working by hand here. Which products do you guys suggest to get the best results on the white. As far as the shine/longevity part goes as
    i know white vehicles can be kinda hard. He also wants his leather seats cleaned/conditioned. Right now i am surprisingly low on products so.... any advice would be great.

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    Re: help detailing white truck

    Apologies for the late response, for some reason this was missed, that said, if you are working by hand, & performing this as a service, we would typcially recommend using a Cleaner Wax, which Cleans, Polishes, & Protects in one step, since performing these individually would be a lot of work by hand.

    Meguiar's 3 in 1 Wax following a wash & decon(clay and/or iron removal) as you mentioned, would be my first recommendation.

    If the leather seats are in need of a deep cleaning, Meguiar's G18516 Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner would be our suggestion followed by G18616 Gold Class Leather Conditioner.
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