How to choose the speed of DA Polisher? Thank you
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Thread: How to choose the speed of DA Polisher? Thank you

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    How to choose the speed of DA Polisher? Thank you

    How to choose the speed of DA Polisher? Thank you

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    Re: How to choose the speed of DA Polisher? Thank you

    I look at speed quite simply, getting the work done without damaging the paint. On my go to buffer there is a dial with 6 speeds, 1 through 6. I want to live in the sweet spot of meeting my goal of a job well done and not damaging paint. 1 and 2 don’t do anything but apply wax. 3, 4 and 5 are work horses and 6 is sudden death guaranteed to increase the odds of damaging the paint.

    Other factors that govern the success of your work are: the product your using, the pads you have on your machine, the pressure you apply, the type of paint you are dealing with, and finally the condition of your paint.

    Now this is something I still swear by…the test area. I want to look for that sweet spot on the buffer in a reasonably representative section of the car. I pick say the passenger’s door and take some tape and mark off three two foot by two foot test areas. Starting with soft or medium pad and my product of choice of a mild compound and buffer set a three and work one test area. On another test area use speed four. Apply a moderate downward pressure in both test areas. Stop, evaluate the two areas.

    If one area looks better when you view in sunshine, that’s your answer. If neither look good, change one factor in all those variables mentioned previously. Say a little more pressure, or little more buffer speed. Try again in your third area. Hopefully areas one or two make you happy.

    Watch several Videos on Meguiars and on YouTube before you start. Watch for hand movements, buffer speed and products. Don’t set you goals too high if this your first time using buffer. Accept mild results. Two weeks later try again. Eventually things will improve.

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