Been fighting cancer for years, so I
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Thread: Been fighting cancer for years, so I

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    Been fighting cancer for years, so I

    I have been away from detailing my car for a few years as fighting cancer was higher on the list. Starting over will be hard, but in so doing I have two initial questions for everyone.

    1) What is the shelf live of Meguiars as I have a boat load of it in the garage?
    2) what is the better way to wash microfiber towels, this include drying as well.

    my two buckets are ready to go when I get my new red Honda and want to be ready.


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    Re: Been fighting cancer for years, so I

    Roger It sounds like you are going forward. I understand.

    Here is a video by Larry Kosilla on washing, drying and grading microfiber towels.
    How to Wash Microfiber Towels PROPERLY - YouTube

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    Re: Been fighting cancer for years, so I

    P&S Rags to Riches seems to be the best microfiber cleaner around.
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