Plastic Body Panels and Swirl Correction
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Thread: Plastic Body Panels and Swirl Correction

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    Plastic Body Panels and Swirl Correction

    I recently bought a new 2021 Toyota Prius Prime and intend to begin its care. I noticed that this car has several body panels that are made of plastic instead of metal. This includes large portions of both the front and rear wheel fenders as well as smaller portions above the front bumper and at the rear deck past the window. These panels nearly match the appearance of the metal body parts in both color (metallic red) and surface texture. From a distance you wouldn't notice, but up close there is a slight texture difference.

    I suspect these panels are painted and clear-coated, just like the metal panels and should receive the same care (cleaning/polishing/waxing/etc.) but I'm not certain, so I thought I'd ask here. Does anyone have advice?

    I will, of course, start with a good wash (Meguiar's Gold) and then clay. However, I also need to make some "corrections" to the surface over large parts of the car (due to DISO) and I will be using a DA polisher (Meguiar's/PC model G-100). I'm tempted to try some of the newer Ultimate products. Can someone tell me where Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish fits on the Mirror Glaze abrasive scale? Possible products I'm choosing from are:

    Ultimate Polish
    M-09 Swirl Remover (#3-cut)
    M-205 Ultra Finishing Polish (#4-cut)
    M-83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish (#6-cut)
    Ultimate Compound

    Have I ranked these in the approximate order of aggressiveness? I don't want to be more aggressive than necessary. I'd like to pick just two of these products (one more aggressive than the other), then try the least aggressive first to see if that is sufficient. Advice on the appropriate pads to use would also be welcome.

    Once the corrections are made, I will protect the finish with some kind of sealant (probably M-20, or maybe one of the new ceramic-based products).

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Re: Plastic Body Panels and Swirl Correction

    Either go with UC/M205 or M110/M210.

    The question you have to ask yourself is if you want to purchase something closer then you can invest in UC/UP. Some local stores carry M205.

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