Shelf life of Meguiars Foam Wax Applicators?
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Thread: Shelf life of Meguiars Foam Wax Applicators?

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    Exclamation Shelf life of Meguiars Foam Wax Applicators?


    I was a passionate detailer a few years ago. I go through a lot of car wash soaps, towels and wax applicators so I bought them in bulk / by the case.
    But unfortunately due to work and other reasons I had to temporary pause my hobby until this year.

    Earlier last week I went to my storeroom looking for some wax applicators.
    To my surprise all my 2 cases of Meguiars foam wax applicator lost their flexible texture.
    Upon light touch with finger they broke down into dust.
    There is no way these could be used for any wax or dressing purpose.

    These Meguiars applicators were brand new, always stored indoor; never exposed to UV sunlight, freezing temperature or extreme heat.
    Might be useful to know - my Lake Country red foam pads are even worse - disintegrate into dust in the bags by themselves without even touching.
    That said dressing applicators from Chemical Guys or China fleabay foam applicators worked just like day 1 with no issues at all.
    Orange cutting pads are fine.

    So... what is the cause for premium foam to break down over time but coarser foam to survive?
    And is there a shelf life for these things?


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    Re: Shelf life of Meguiars Foam Wax Applicators?


    All of our products have a shelf life of 3-5 years if stored in a temperature controlled environment. That being said pads very often last longer but can deteriorate over long periods of time (years). Without knowing when you purchased these pads or about the specific environment they have been stored in it would be difficult to say what happened here.

    It appears you are located in Hong Kong so this is something you would need to pursue with your local distributor if so desired.
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