help choosing wax/sealant for wet season
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Thread: help choosing wax/sealant for wet season

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    help choosing wax/sealant for wet season

    Hey all, i live in Vancouver BC Canada, rains a whole lot for several months straight with a bit of snow mixed. I am using the 110/210 combo on my silver Audi A4, (one pass so far with 110 and LOVE it the work time is amazing using a hex heavy cut foam pad with my new porters 7424) had tried the 105 and 205 but the short work time and dusting was going to make me a crazy person. i work 75 hours a week and need to make the most of my time haha. Can not wait to see what the 210 does. Anyhow, as for finishing, am wondering if i should go for the m21 or if i should stick with the 26 paste wax. As most know silver paint does not have the same wow factor as dark paints, and with the constant wet weather and 15+ hour work days longevity is a must. Im open to non meguiars products but i prefer to stick with megs as, other than the 105 i have always been impressed by megs products.

    TLdr Need a long lasting finishing product, need help deciding between m21 or the 26 paste or something else, very wet for the next 6 months. Longevity is a must and the longer it shines the better of course

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    Re: help choosing wax/sealant for wet season

    M21 is a polymer sealant and will last longer than a wax like M26. You want longer lasting then look into the new Hybrid Paint coating or M27. Ultimate Wax is another polymer sealant.

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