Recommended exterior car wash?
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Thread: Recommended exterior car wash?

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    Recommended exterior car wash?

    Newby here from east of Louisville, KY! Just registered. Will be using Meguiar's products exclusively in future on a recently purchased 2008 Toyota Solara SLE V6 convertible w/pearl white exterior & black fabric top. Used RaggTopp product to clean & "protect/seal" fabric top according to Maguiar's instructional video prior to the detailing. Then had exterior professionally detailed. What Meguiar's product should I use to later just wash & hose rinse as needed? How often to re-seal top if vehicle garaged in non-dry weather? My first convertible as a 77-year old retiree so please forgive the rookie questions. I'm open to any and all advice on the care and maintenance of this car since I intend to keep it indefinitely. MANY thanks in advance to all those responding. I appreciate ya!

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    Re: Recommended exterior car wash?

    The new Hybrid Ceramic Wash and Was is certainly the latest and greatest wash for protection.

    Also the Hybrid Ceramic Spray wax is an option after washing, or Hybrid Ceramic Detailer while drying.

    All 3 are easy to use, low on effort.

    If you use those regularly, a full detail won't be needed too often. Then it is just up to you if wanting to do yourself,. Or have pro redo.
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