Is this a good technique? Gold Class Quick Wax + Detailer
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Thread: Is this a good technique? Gold Class Quick Wax + Detailer

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    Question Is this a good technique? Gold Class Quick Wax + Detailer

    Hi guys,

    Recently I bought a new car and I want to take care of it from the very beginning, it's a brown car by the way.

    I've been doing some research work in this forum and several YouTube videos and I'm a bit confused to which products and procedures should I follow.

    So far I've come up with the following conclusion in order to wash my car from the start:

    -Wash my car in a jet machine in a petrol station.
    -Drying with a quality MF
    -Apply Gold class instant liquid wax (I've seen it's slightly better for darker colors such as mine) following the right application procedure.
    -Apply a quick detailer but I'm uncertain to which one should I use: Ultimate or Gold Class? Can I mix a Gold Class with an Ultimate product?

    Is it correct to apply first the instant wax and then the detailer?

    In case a wash my car weekly can I do as follows? Wash, dry and apply a quick detailer. There is no need to apply again an instant wax, isn't it? It lasts about 4 weeks.

    Thank you guys for the help!

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    Re: Is this a good technique? Gold Class Quick Wax + Detailer

    Yes, you can mix the Gold Class, Ultimate, and Hybrid Ceramic products together.

    You would probably want to look at the Gold Class Spray Wax, or the Hybrid Ceramic Detailer that put some protection on the surface for after future washes. The Gold Class Detailer and Ultimate Detailer done leave as much protection behind. Then that would let you spread out the liquid wax a few months or so.

    The only other think I see is if you want some kind of claying/cleaning/polishing step before waxing. That could be claying, or a spray on and wipe paint prep product, or using something like the Ult. Polish. Or even the 3-in-1 Cleaner Wax followed by the regular wax.
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