Safe to use Meguiars Car wasx on boat?
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Thread: Safe to use Meguiars Car wasx on boat?

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    Safe to use Meguiars Car wasx on boat?

    Hi all,
    If I have extra car wax from Meguiar's (Gold Class Clear Coat Wax), will it work on my boat (Mastercraft / Gelcoat).

    I need to order the Marine line, but until its received would like to use my extra car wax on the boat.

    Wanted to know if anyone had some general guidelines.\

    Thanks! Dan

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    Hey Dan,

    Personally, I would stay with using car wax on your vehicles and not on your boat.

    The Flagship line of Meguiar's products, which I highly recommend, are made especially for marine gelcoats and I am sure you will be very impressed with the results you'll get using those products on your boat.
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