Use your products properly.
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Thread: Use your products properly.

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    Use your products properly.

    Cheap trick. Its a simple hack and very old school, When I was a Marine Engineer (35 years) we worked with a lot of chemicals, testing fuels, Lube oils, water… even gasses, every ship I’ve been on from 6000 tons to 56000 tons has had a lab and often chemicals would settle out according to their viscosity (thickness) so…. We all have chemicals and these chemicals in bottles have different substances that can “settle” out, as in layers if left standing, Especially compounds, thats because each polymer (a man made element) each chemical in the mix has a different viscosity (thickness) thats why we should shake the bottle vigorously, But some think a couple of shakes upside down will cut it. It won’t, the scientists have made this product to be easy to use but it must be mixed to the max to enable it to work properly. It could make the difference between a hybrid ceramic working for two months or six!

    But if you take one or two Stainless steel bolts or nuts say 8mm to ten mm and drop them in the new bottle, as we shake the bolts, (could be stainless steel nuts I use 10 11 mm ) move around in the bottle and help agitate and therefor mix the contents to a higher degree. They especially get to the bottom of the bottle to ensure a mix between the “heavier” (higher viscosity) liquids and the “lighter” ones. Often you won’t hear the nut until it has been shaken for quite a bit, thats because the stainless steel nut or bolt has become stuck in the heavier chemical. This is especially important with sealants and compounds that contain polymers which settle very thickly at the bottom of the bottle.

    A polymer is a man made substance as opposed to a “natural” substance like a bees or Carnauba wax. I have included a link to demonstrate this. I have heard a quite few stories now of people applying complex sealants, like megs wax ceramics or graphenes and not got a good life span, because they haven't shaken enough to mix thoroughly the different substances which need an exact mix to work as planned. I've seen you tubers with quite large followings just tip the bottle up a couple of times and thats it.... Its not it! "It" is when the all the substances in your product are mixed as the chemist intended. Most product bottles say "must shake before use". They should say shake REALLY REALLY WELL before use... and add the 10mm or 11mm nut or bolt to help agitate. It really works. You've spent a lot of money buying this stuff, get the most out of it.

    The 10mm nut or bolt trick really helps and is important so you get the correct formulation the chemists intended. But it must be stainless steel (available at B & Q (UK) or any other engineering supplies store selling screws), mild steel or galvanised is NO good it will corrode, or rust! If you use nuts do not buy nylock nuts, they have a plastic insert which may break down, clog things or contaminate, So stainless only! I post this as I get great tips here and help, and I can’t as a beginner really offer you guys advice on car valeting to repay you. So I hope I can give something back.
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