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    1980 corvette

    Hi, from Toronto Canada!
    I would like to know how to verify if your car has a clear coat?
    I have a few classics and I want to make them look and
    feel like a new vehicle during storage this winter.
    I have a 1980 corvette which sat for a few years, I got it running
    properly and I would like to bring back its paint luster.I don't know
    if paint is original.Any guidance would help.

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    Re: 1980 corvette

    Welcome to the Meguiar's Online Forums.

    I find that I can usually see the clear coat layer. You can look at it from an angle across the top and see through the clear.
    Some of that ability depends on how thick the original clear layer was sprayed.
    If it has deteriorated, it will be difficult to tell, as it may have diminished in thickness.

    Additionally, you should be able to use a polish, like Meguiar's Ultimate Polish and see if the pad picks up the color of the paint or if it picks up clear.
    If you have a blue car and the pad shows blue, it either has no clear coat, or the clear coat is damaged in places.
    This test can be done by hand or by using a dual action polisher.
    If done by hand, make sure that you apply even pressure across the full pad. Do not let your finger tips put uneven pressure and leave zebra stripes in the paint.

    With your 1980 Corvette, the original paint was an application of primer, likely followed by three coats of acrylic lacquer.
    No clear coat originally.
    If repainted, all bets are allowed.

    Here is a fine link to articles by Mike Phillips on best practices for older single stage paints.
    This includes an older product M07 called Meguiar's Show Car Glaze soaks.
    Pop some popcorn. Read this article in it's entirety. <======= It will pay off for you in better results.
    The Secret to Removing Oxidation and Restoring a Show Car Finish to Antique Single Stage Paints (autogeekonline.net)

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    Re: 1980 corvette

    Welcome, Melvin! You can clearly see at an angle.

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