I just picked up my car from the shop, and noticed there is some peeling on the headlights. How would you all try and tackle this, I to deciding were to start?

The shop used that tackwrap saran wrap for protecting the fenders and it looks like it caused either my ceramic coating or clear coat to peel up. It is hard to capture in a picture but the middle/bottom is the top layer. I would guess its part of the ceramic coating that is peeling off but I have never heard of that happening.
I have a Maguire's headlight restore kit that includes 1000 and 3000 sand paper and plastx, and I also have Maguire's ultimate compound and polish. How aggressive would you all start with? Should I just do a wet sand or try a compound first? Is the old headlight kit sealant good enough or will I need to reclear if I sand it down?