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Thread: Pics of #40??

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    Ok, not the best pics but here's how #40 looks on my dark interior...NOTE: The halogen lights made the the vinyl look a lot shinier than it really is.

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    time and time again the #40 looks great!

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    Talking Question about #40

    Hey guys,
    #40 sounds like great stuff. I wish meguiars gave samples -- if so I would maybe get some. I love cleaners and such that smell like leather. I had a couple questions about it: Is it water-based or silicone based? Also, I have used water based before, but I found it did not go on evenly. Does #40 go onto the dash evenly or do you have to keep going over it for it to look even?


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    Originally posted by Rick
    If you guys like #40, if you can try and get your hands on a some W-Dressing from the Detailer line...
    Interesting that you mention that as my local distributor told me nearly the same thing... I didn't buy the gallon then but, it sounds like I need to make another trip down there...

    How's the W-Dressing from a 'dust attraction' standpoint? Also, are you diluting? Can you dilute?


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    Re: Question about #40

    I have used #40 for years also, and I have never had any problems with results. If the vinyl your are treating is really dirty, or has been neglected, they apply two coats. Apply the first coat heavy and work it in using a foam applicator pad, or a piece of terry cloth towel. Then wipe the surface clean using a new, dry terry cloth towel. This will first application will help you to clean the surface and remove any dirt build-up.

    For the second coat, apply an ample amount, allow to penetrate and then wipe off any excess. Your vinyl should look as good as new.

    If your vinyl is really dirty, Meguiar's #39 Vinyl Cleaner is an awesome cleaner, but it is a cleaner only and you need to apply a conditioner/protectant afterwards.

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