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    3M Paint Protection Film

    I was wondering if any one has put on 3M's Paint protection film? I heard about this from my dealer and apparently it's a thin film that sticks on the front of the hood and protects it from rocks and **** from the roads.

    So if anyone know the good, bad or ugly, please let me know
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    its good stuff. i know alot of people who have it. make sure that any defects are taken out before you put it on though! also make sure whoever puts it on has experience. its easy to get some ugly seams.

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    It is a great product the clear film. As mentioned by soonercivic, get a professional to install it. You may be able to do the bonnet on your own but the bumper I would definately get a professional. I should know as I install these in my neck of the woods and have it on both my cars. They have UV protection so there is some protection to the paint underneath but I wax my film when I do the rest of the car. Just be careful when waxing around the edges of the film as it can take some time to get all the wax off. I have just bought myself some paint-safe masking tape so will be using that on the film edge next time I wax. Don't use anything abrasive on the film either. The good thing about the film is that unless you know it is on the car, you can't see it. Click on the link to see pics of my cars with the film on (can't link pictures as it's a free site and doesn't allow it).

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    I'm an Xpel dealer and am near Buffalo. How much is he charging you? Cleveland isn't that far away.

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