stone chips & scratches
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    stone chips & scratches

    Hello to everyone. I'm a virgin to detailing a car but feel I have learnt so much reading this forum over the last few days.

    I recently bought a 2000 3 series BMW, and whilst I have always looked after my vehicles or so I thought (washed and wax with turtle wax) I never knew about this other world of detailing a car, and even from just what I have read I am becoming hooked and havent even started detailing yet !!!!

    Anyway, purchased the BMW but upon close inspection after a couple of washes noticed a significant amount of stone chips in the dark blue paint, varing in size. Whilst this could not do I went to the local car store (Halfords) and purchased some touch up paint, which came in a box with the colour, laqueur and a small piece of extra fine sanding paper + lint. I did everything it said on the tin, took my time and was gentle but and before i even write it you guessed it I am left with a load of sanding marks - extremely gutted.

    Went immediately to another local store for some scratch remover and came across something called Scratch X from Meguiars - never heard of them but gave it a go. Got home straight to work. it brought out most of the scratches but my arm was aching with polishing however under the night sky revealled another picture. I could still see them.

    So off I went in pursuit of some advice and where better to start! This forum (and the sister forum in the UK) have been great.

    I have purchased the following in an attempt to solve the above problem and would appreciate any further advice / guidance please.

    2500 unigrit, #2, #9, step 3 wax, clay detailer, 7006, 8006, 9006
    and imported from the USA (autogeek) a PC which only took 6 days to arrive here in the UK, fantastic. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi Black_Cat

    Welcome to Meguiar's Online!

    You ask some very good questions and I will be happy to help you with some answers, right now I'm uploading some pictures from our most recent Ferrari Detail Day at Meguiar's event here,

    So hang in there and I or someone else will get to your questions soon!

    Mike Phillips
    Office: 800-869-3011 x206
    "Find something you like and use it often"

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    Thanks Mike, I look forward to your advice.

    Very nice work on the Ferrari - It's pictures like these and ofher before and after shots I have seen at along with the quality of support through this forum that made be decide to buy Meguiars products. quite a bit of an outlay at first but i am sure it will pay dividends.

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    This is my plan of attack for my first car detailing this weekend if it stops raining. Have I got things right ?

    1) To date I have filled and wet sanded the paint on the stone chips with 1500 grit.
    2) Wash the car – I think I will go and purchase some Gold Class wash as the shampoo I use at present is Simonz which includes wax and I guess is not good.
    3) I intend to go back over the sanded areas with 2500 unigrit I purchased from MegsUK.
    4) Clay with Quick Clay
    5) #2 applied with PC and 7006
    6) #9 applied with PC and 8006
    7) #7 by hand
    8) step 3 wax or Gold Class wax – I have both which is best ?– or in future will #26 give the best results? 3 coats. Applied with PC and 9006, buffed off with ultimate wipe.

    Can anyone confirm of otherwise whether ive got this right, or is it tot harsh an approach or not enough.

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